Pink Party With A Purpose

In 2006, two Louisiana Radio Personalities known as Missy & Sashika joined forces to raise awareness about early detection of Breast Cancer in young women. Missy’s hairstylist, Jacintha Freeman who was 28 years old at the time was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, and she immediately entered into depression. The Mental Agony of undergoing a Mastectomy, and Chemo-Therapy at twenty-eight was crippling in addition to being a single mother having to solely provide for her son. As with most Chemo-Therapy treatments, Jacintha was spared no mercy. This very potent treatment would leave her bed ridden for at least two weeks, resulting in her not being able to work, and ultimately the loss of clientele. As a result both Missy and Sashika put on their creative wigs and gave birth to “The Pink Party with a Purpose.”

  • Their primary focus was to break the stereotype that “Young Women do not get Breast Cancer.” Definitely these ladies did not want the conventional fundraiser, where Young Professionals dressed up in pricey Ball Gowns and Tuxedo’s. Their entire thought process was to not only help young women that are battling Breast Cancer, but to leave Pink Party Goers’ with a message that, “Being diagnosed with Breast Cancer does not mean your life is over!” Throughout the years as both Missy & Sashika evolved the “Pink Party” became more of a family oriented event. In 2014 “The Pink Party with a Purpose…Tailgate Edition,” was birthed and two years later they are still geauxin’ strong!
  • This event is traditionally held during October. All proceeds raised from this annual event are donated to one Breast Cancer Survivor who may be experiencing financial hardship because of the inability to work from this disease.